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Web Hosting Service 000WebHost Breached!

Web services firm 000webhost suffered a breach of its main server. The firm told users about the incident in a Facebook message on Oct. 28. The attacker used an opening in an old, unpatched version of PHP to upload malicious files and gain access to the service’s systems. “Not only was the full database containing the usernames, […]

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Networking and Business Tech Support in New York City

Is Your Network Driving You Nuts? Have you had it with your network? Slow performance, endless viruses, dropped connection, constant crashes? We’ve heard it all before. Too many IT support personnel focus all their attention on ‘fire fighting’ and not enough on being truly proactive. The result? Frustrated end-users, poorly configured networks, lost time, and […]

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The Auditors Are Coming: Cybersecurity  in 2016

Is your organization prepared?    At the halfway point in 2015, many small financial service firms are struggling to meet the much stricter FINRA Cybersecurity rules that were mandated last year and then further discussed during the Cybersecurity Roundtable sponsored by the SEC. In particular, many small firms that have their IT managed by small, […]

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