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24/7 Activity Monitoring

The Cyber-threat detection engine is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.                                  Hackers work around the clock trying to locate and penetrate porous defense systems of any and all businesses. Threat Vector doesn’t stop working either. We continuously monitor your company’s network to detect hackers before they have the opportunity to attack. Our analysis targets any and all types of cyber attacks. We enhance and protect your company’s security systems to make sure they are always operational and exceeding industry standards. Threat Vector logs all the activity on your network and correlates the information collected to detect whether there may be a threat of an attack. Our alarm system ensures that any potential threat is responded to and properly mitigated.

Our security management system provides real time updates on network events around the clock. Every time a user logs onto or logs off of your company’s network, that data is logged. The data is then normalized and correlated with relevant security events. The results will then trigger an alarm if there is a possibility of a threat. Our experts can then analyze the alarms to see if there is any unwarranted activity on the system.

Threat Vector analysis tools provide information on collected from your company’s interface. We inspect all network connections whether they be windows, linux, unix, or SSH. We examine what internet protocols are being used, where there are weaknesses, and how they can be patched. We design and install our security features specific to your company’s needs. Always be prepared for a cyber attack, 24/7. Nonstop security for your company – Threat Vector