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Responsive Intelligence

Responsive Intelligence recognizes the potential threats targeting your systems.                                  We install sensors on your network which are used to collect data and securely send it back to our experts for correlation and analysis. When security events are detected they trigger an alarm which will alert our Threat Vector team and they will immediately respond to the signal. We continuously monitor your system so that no network events go unnoticed. Everything is logged and analyzed. We study the trends of attackers and know exactly what to expect if there is in fact an intrusion detection. Our team has sophisticated incident response methods to combat and isolate intruders so that they can’t do any damage and your business is always up and running. The Threat Vector team has the cyber security expertise your company needs to operate safely and securely.

An intelligent network has to have an intelligent team to support it. Companies think that just by having an expensive firewall and other defense systems that they are immune from attack. The unfortunate truth is that without proper monitoring and maintenance, these companies find themselves disheveled in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Threat Vector monitors your company’s system to make sure there aren’t any holes or necessary patches. New types of attacks are emerging just as frequent if not more than the frequency of cyber defense systems advancement.

We analyze your network events looking for system compromise and exploitation, malware instillation, payload delivery, and attack execution. We also do reconnaissance on your network to search for any intruders that may be lurking. We provide constant assets and vulnerability scans to make sure there aren’t any week points and all your devices  and information is protected.