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Proactive Cybersecurity

Identify, protect, detect, and responds to your critical systems.                                  Threat Vector monitors your company’s network 24/7. Our advanced security systems alarm our team anytime there is a sign of a hacker lurking. Hackers do the most damage to companies when they can go completely unnoticed and be practically invisible on a network. Threat Vector makes hackers completely transparent and eliminates the intruders before they even have the chance to compromise your company’s data. Our leading edge cyber defense techniques keep the criminals out and sensitive company information secure on the inside. Any threats to your company’s network are responded to swiftly and thoroughly and if any holes in your security are detected they can be patched immediately.

Our team at Threat Vector has certified penetration testers. Under authorization of your company, they will act as an attacker would and attempt to hack into your company’s network. This is a proactive way of detecting weaknesses in your system before real attackers can get to them. Once these vulnerabilities are identified they can be patched and secured for complete defense of your network. Essentially, we find the access points that hackers are looking for and we lock them down before they can be exploited.

Our in depth monitoring allows us to defend your network before the attackers get in. We keep the criminals out and your network always functioning so you can keep business running smoothly. The best defense against cyber attacks is prevention. Stopping an attack before it happens is the key to a secure network. Let us keep your company worry free with cyber security solutions from Threat Vector.