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Penetration Testing

Threat Vector by The LCO Group provides comprehensive compliance and infrastructure testing that delivers insights necessary to fortify and secure even the most complex and sophisticated network stack. Our team of certified penetration testers, engineers and network security specialist will thoroughly evaluation your system and use real-world, multi-vector simulated attack patterns to help you create a battle-tested network and computing environment.

What Is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test is an authorized test performed on a client’s computer and network systems that simulate a real world cyber attack using the same methods that an unauthorized hacker might employ to gain access to your network system. Penetration tests help to identify network and host vulnerabilities that are not otherwise evident to the end-user. This information helps devices located within the pre-authorized scope of the test stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements that apply to your industry as well as software patches that may be needed to keep them from being exploited in an actual attack.

You may be required to have a scheduled penetration test as part of the compliance requirements of your industry if you are in financial sector.

You may also consider having a penetration test performed on your systems if your business:

  • handles personal information of your clients
  • manages confidential or proprietary data
  • works with public sector entities
  • employs the use of a mainframe computer for processing
  • hosts data that is open to the internet (such as websites or mail servers)
  • is in the healthcare sector
  • provide legal services (public or private)


Additional Information

A penetration is a great tool to have in your cyber defense arsenal, however a “pen test” is only as good as the firm performing it. Threat Vector has over 22 years in the cyber defense industry with multiple certifications and partnership awards. When you work with our team of professionals and specialists, you will be working with over 60 years combined experience in computing and security.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see if having a penetration test is the right choice for you.