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Security Policies and Compliance

Financial Services and CyberSecurity

With the 2014 release of the new cybersecurity guidelines that financial service companies should be following, the LCO Group has designed a program of tightly integrated security protocols and best practice reviews that will help our clients meet the security hurdles and regulatory requirements that currently exist.

A top down review of security would focus on the following:

  • Physical security of key infrastructure pieces
  • Properly written corporate-use policies (including remote access, BYOD policy, password change requests, etc)
  • Internal and external vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Internal and external penetration and active directory testing
  • Proper storing of log files
  • Proper usage of group policy to limit access to certain employees, enforce proper password policy, etc
  • Defined protocols on response in the event of a security breach, including notification of affected 3rd parties, clients, regulators, etc
  • Remediation protocols in the event of a security breach
  • Provide any necessary training to employees where required, and keep records of this training
  • Periodic review of certain key aspects of cybersecurity policy
  • Deployment of tools to provide proactive protection against cyber threats
  • Creation of annual report to senior management/board of directors


The LCO Group employs experienced CTO/CIO’s, security analysts, and compliance experts who can help put a proper cybersecurity policy in place, and help maintain it against the current threat profiles that exist today.