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Internal Security and Active Directory Testing

We provide rigorous testing standards that harden your business operations against internal and external attacks. Our Internal Security and Active Directory Testing Service, offers wide range of benefits the secure data and protect digital assets.

Active Directory Testing

Microsoft’s Active Directory is one of the most powerful tools designed for enterprise network administration. However it is also often the weakest link in any deployed network security stack due to common misconfigurations and/or unconventional customization, leaving it open to many types of cyberattacks. Additionally, certain common Active Directory configurations can create severe vulnerabilities in a network’s security if it is not properly maintained.

That’s why Threat Vector’s team of network security engineers, technicians, and forensic analysist specialize in Active Directory testing and deployment security audits.  Our teams deliver complete solutions for even the most complex network configurations. Whether you have a local shop only a few workstations or run a multinational installation with thousands of users Threat Vector by The LCO Group can help.

Other Testing Services

We run intensive security tests in a wide range of real-world scenarios to assess the integrity of your system’s configuration.

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