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Secure Communication

Secure your global communications with Threat Vector, complete with 24/7 monitoring.    

The most effective hackers understand the basic infrastructure of modern businesses. They know exactly where to find the weaknesses and how to exploit them. The most dangerous part about it is they usually execute their attack and are long gone before anyone knows what happened leaving many companies powerless. The experts at Threat Vector secure your companies network at all levels, leaving no points of access for hackers. We construct optimal defense systems around your network. We monitor what gets in and what comes out of your network to make sure there aren’t any intruders or malicious programs infecting your company.

We understand that companies are forced to use messaging as a form of file sharing and you don’t want your company’s sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Attackers are aware of this so they try to exploit your messages to try to steal data. Threat Vector locks down your network communication systems to make sure messages are securely delivered internally and externally. We monitor your company’s mail servers to make sure there aren’t any unauthorized users accessing it. We also can detect if something malicious is trying to access or has accessed the servers and eliminate the intruder. We uncover breaches before they become an issue to make sure your communications are always authentic and never tampered with.

Secure communication is key in keeping any company’s data protected. Hackers thrive in compromising network communication and stealing data transmitted across weak connections. Threat Vector strengthens connection security and monitors your company’s system around the clock keeping delicate information safe and secure.